The "Airflow" Cigar Humidor - Sunrise Black and Bubinga


Made with the finest Italian leathers and exotic woods

Our originals “Airflow Humidors” hold approximately 75 cigars and allow exceptional air circulation and humidity diffusion. This is due to their inner construction made of solid Spanish cedar latches.

They also feature a unique humidifier which combines an anti-fungal sponge and gel bids. The gels act as self-regulators of the humidity. They will provide “back up” humidity or absorb it from the sponge as needed. Our humidors also come with state of the art hygrometer and key to lock your precious cigars.

Made in USA

Instructions for Use:

The first thing to do with your new humidor is “condition it” or “prep it” for cigars. That process consists in introducing humidity to the cedar walls until they hold enough humidity to hold your cigars. Spanish Cedar, most frequently used in humidors, has a wood grain which has the ability to retain humidity.

Therefore, when your humidor is brand new, it is recommended to rub distilled water on the structure (sides and lower grate) with a clean cloth. Wipe off any excess unabsorbed water. After this process, it is recommended to close the humidor for at least 24 hours before placing the cigars.

At the same time of “conditioning” your humidor, you need to prepare your humidification unit. The easiest way is to immerse your humidification unit in a bowl with distilled water for 2 to 3 minutes. The bids will turn into gel which will be acting as a reserve of humidity for the sponge and the whole unit will self regulate at aprox. 70% humidity.

Place your humidification unit in the center of your lid and it will automatically connect.