The "Airflow" Cigar Humidor - Positano Collection (13/15 Count)


Made with the finest Italian leathers and exotic woods

Our Positano Collection humidor holds approximately up to 15 cigars and allow exceptional air circulation and humidity diffusion. This is due to their inner construction made of solid Spanish cedar latches.

Our Airflow humidor is fully designed to be humidified with Boveda humidification system. Boveda humidity packs are the most precise to regulate and maintain correct humidity atmosphere and are endorsed by most reputable tobacconist and cigar brands .
They include a low profile receptacle, specially made for the Boveda pack, out of solid cedar with an inlaid aluminum screen and connect to the lid of your humidor via magnets.

Approx. Size: 8.5" (Length) x 6.75" (Width) x 4(Height)

Made in USA