The "Hacienda" Humidor - 12/15 Count


Made from vintage noted walnut logs and wrought iron hardware. Bottom fully covered with distressed leather. 

Our Hacienda is the first humidor fully designed to be humidified with Boveda humidification system. Boveda humidity packs are the most precise to regulate and maintain correct humidity atmosphere and are endorsed by most reputable tobacconist and cigar brands .
They include low profile receptacle, specially made for the Boveda packs out of solid cedar with an inlaid aluminum screen and connect to the lid of your humidor via magnets.

Hacienda Humidor holds approximately 12-15 cigars.

Approx. Size: 11" (Length) x 8.5" (Width) x 4" (Height)

Made in USA

Instructions for Use:

All wooden humidors need to be seasoned before use. The reason is two-fold; (1) to raise the moisture level in the wood so it'll be in equilibrium with your cigars, otherwise the wood will rob moisture from your cigars if it's too dry, and (2) the lid won't seal as well as it should.

Before using your Hacienda humidor, you will need to place two Boveda seasoning packs inside the humidor, close the humidor and leave it like that for 2 weeks. Please click here to see/buy Boveda Seasoning packs (84% RH) and instructions:



After 2 weeks, replace the seasoning Boveda pack (84% RH) with regular Boveda 72% RH:

For this Hacienda humidor, you can place one pack inside the wood interior pocket and a second pack (if necessary) under the tray (under the cigars).